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I Can’t Erase You

Too many memories I can’t erase
like it haunts me , follows me around
I try shaking it off , but it persists
waking me up at 2AM each day
perhaps I am destined to remember things

as they were for me to suffer

to see the truth as I should
reminding of the castle I built with sand

now covered by a dark mist of dreams
that I should forget.

But perhaps it is love that awakens me
longing for the pain to leave

all I know is , there was once you
who I still love with all my heart
and of the memories that I must forget.
Neither happiness of love will endure
without the test of fire which
only tears can extinguish..

it seems almost a lifetime of sadness
from sleepless nights
to the breaking of the dawn
I only hope that the happiness you found
will always keep your own heart beating
with a longing for a love that truly endures,
for me it will always be a realization
that only wordless verses
can explain and only death will erase.

” Erasing yourself from somebody’s life
is not as simple as walking out the door “

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