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I Love That Name

Did you notice that Vettel always wears a different helmet in each race?
He has a certain design for each race in this season, including for Turkish GP, this evening…
But how I was surprised after just checking his official website, and found this picture.
There written “Fatima’s Eye”… Absolutely that’s a cool design! I think it’s much better than the previous one, for Chinese GP three weeks ago. But I was wondering why they named his helmet like that? Honestly, somehow I feel pretty proud just because I think that helmet’s name has a resemblance with my name… mrgreen :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

However, I would like to congratulate him, for his victory today…
Excellent! Congratz Vettel !!! ^^,
I know you can do it well..
Yesterday you got a pole and today you finished it perfectly ^^b
Keep it up! Go German Go00000

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