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God Give Me Strength

God please give me the strength to get through all this. You know the struggles I have to face. The ups and down along the way..

I know I am so0 blessed by everything I have…

I am trying so0 hard to be strong and take care of everything and everyone but I am just not there yet… so0 much is out of control and so0 many challenges.
You have helped me heal in soo many ways, but I need more strength to get through all that is going on right now…
As I close my eyes, I’m trying to feel your strength. I do believe that you won’t ever let me down V.V

I whispered to myself, that you’re here with me,  and will carry me through it. Ameen!

Kau Berhak Bahagia

Engkau disedihkan oleh orang yang kau jadikan gantungan kebahagiaanmu..
Penistaan oleh kekasih hati adalah sembilu yang terkejam..
Retaknya hatimu itu adalah sesungguhnya celah masuknya kasih sayang Tuhan yang akan menyelamatkanmu..

Pedih ini memang harus kau alami, agar engkau tak menghambakan diri kepada keinginanmu untuk dicintai dengan menelantarkan hakmu untuk berbahagia… ^^

Someone sent me that message a few days ago..
He’s one of my best pal..
Mz. Adit, thx for the words 🙂
I’m really thankful to you because that message gave me such a new spirit to keep moving forward ..
Living my life happily like before …

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