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The Extraordinary F1

Hahhhaa~ Just spotted this on Twitter….
Starting Grid For Bahrain GP LOL
mrgreen :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Can’t Wait To Get The Season Started

With just four days to go until the first Grand Prix of this new season, now I just can’t wait to see the premier Grand Prix of 2011 F1 Season in Albert Park Circuit, Melbourne, Australia………… ^^

Hope it’ll be a great season to our Lovely Mercedes GP Team and especially to my beloved Hero, Michael Schumacher……… 🙂
God, please save him through all this season and give him so many.. many victories…. mrgreen :mrgreen:
So that he can win his 8th world championship title… 😀

Ferrari celebrate the final race for Michael Schumacher (GER) Ferrari. F1 World Championship, Brazilian Grand Prix, Race, Interlagos, Brazil, 22 October 2006

Schumi, We all trust you as usual honey… I know you can do it, just do your best at this season… as I pray for you, and you’ll still always in my prayer forever.
With big Ross behind you.. I still believe that you two can make a great team as good as Ferrari when you’re still there with uncle Todt… Actually everytime I remember all that things in the past… I can’t believe what I face now that all things has been changed like this. How I miss you all (Schumi-Brawn-Todt), when you three still in the legendary prancing horse… How I miss you standing on the top podium. As you stood on the podium,the German anthem played-followed by the Italian anthem(The best anthem combination I’ve ever heard), got the trophy, then spraying the champagne… What a beautiful day for me… ^^
I miss your victory leap and obviously your sweetest smile… : )
I really miss every single moment of your winning celebration… Wish I could go back to that time… :’)
To be honest, I still feel like Maranello is your home, all the former crews are your family… And I do feel Ferrari is still where you belong. I don’t know why, Ferrari is still like a family too for me.. even now when you’re no longer exist.

Schumi with Ross

It’s hard for me to accept your decision at that time, that you’re going to leave Maranello. how could it be… But you know I always support your decision, including the decision to comeback with Mercedes GP instead of with Ferrari(But I feel a little bad honestly). At least there was Ross who accompany you there.
Very different indeed, now I have to turn away from Ferrari to Mercedes Gp, from Maranello, Italy to Brackley, UK. Hmmmm, that’s not easy to let your red car in Ferrari now driven by another driver 😥 BTW I miss the Tifosi too…
But it doesn’t mean that I don’t like his current team anyway. Absolutely I love Mercedes GP as much as I love Ferrari. I love wherever he is, That’s the point. 😀

To Mercedes GP: Thank you so00 much for your effort and all of the hard work for building and developing MGP W02 over the winter… Don’t stop to improve the car and build a fast, comfort and reliable car for him… knowing your developments for the new year makes me confident that you can fight for some race victories from your own power. This is a prospect which makes me look forward that you’re ready to compete again on the top level of this sport.
This is exactly what I want at this period of time.

I can’t wait already to get the new season started^^.
After all, I “really” miss seeing him on the podium.
Good luck honey.. May God always be with you as usual… Ameen!

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