It’s Time To Let Go… ( It’ll be OK )

For a heart that’s torn, there’s not much you can do but understand. There’s no easy way to let go of someone that you know will never be yours again. I am aware that time will come that I need to give you up. You left me at the very moment that I can’t even say the words goodbye . I cry for the pain, the moments shared, and the times I thought I’ll have you forever. I know you’re not mine to keep but holding on to your words became my way to keep me going. Wish you saw my tears… Cause it spells the truth about how I really feel inside. My tears explains the pain when you decided to leave ..and the pain of not having you back.  Smile and laughter can’t even cover up the PAIN.. Till this very day, I am still picking up the broken pieces. Secret tears still flow.. But I’m looking forward to that one day that I can finally say I’M OVER YOU and stand next to you without even wanting to hold your hand………


About Faith4Hope4Love

A unique person created by God who loves music and has passion in education and motor sport. A smart girl who's obsessed with Michael Schumacher, watching F1, Moto Gp, surfing the internet and blogging... .: A girl with her colorful bittersweet life :.

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